Thursday, October 27, 2011

What is as soothing as the crashing sea?

As much as I cherish the wild beauty of Trail's End, I do love to be near the ocean. I'm not so much an "in"or "on" the ocean girl as I love being "next to" the ocean. You know, a shore bird.

Here's a little peak at the two days we just spent in Laguna Beach. Our room hung out over the sand and the waves crashed and pounded the rocks right under us. Magic...

Looking toward Main Beach, Laguna

 May I see a million sunsets and always be stunned.

Just after dawn. 

Nobody up yet!

The Pacific Edge Hotel is all about The Endless Summer, Cowabunga!

I'm thinking that it is only my arrogance that leads me to believe that I can ever know where I am going. It seems that the paths have chosen me and I think that, regardless of my current plotting, it's happening again.


Healing Woman said...

Pure magic! This setting is almost exactly like the hotel where Trish and I stay in Mexico. There is nothing like having a room immediately overlooking the ocean. Awwww...sleeping with window open and hearing the crashing of the very favorite thing. I know you came back refreshed.

Anonymous said...

What a thrill it is to be right there on the beach with the surf beating in your ears. Oh, to be there right now! Cheryl knows how ready I am to be at the beach. Yes, Pure Magic!

femminismo said...

Would love to check out this place! Is it expensive?