Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Poor Neglected Little Blog, Poor Neglected Followers

Just a few things to share.

A fierce conflict
is continually staged
beside the sea.
A damp and noisy game,
greater than the prize.
It is for small fish,
for the most part,
that the players come.
Certain things
preclude other things
in the arranging
of a life. Regret
is madness.
I see now.
No, more than that.
he would never
find the magic.
Entrapped, beauty
is betrayed. Yet
the sweetness
Male, Female,
amorous intrigue
complicated by
the life it sustains.
Once I felt a whole life
pass in front of me
on the horizon.
Big ships work
to maintain contact,
while little tugs work
to maintain contact,
each alone.
Here the small
is delicate.
Lift it up
and the
I could have stayed,
I might have stayed,
but I identified the end.
I always did understand
a bell was ringing,
a band was playing,
slowly drifting,
loitering under
the gold and scarlet
of a new day,
with a heart full of
the thrill of ideas.

 Here's what I'm thinking. No matter what we do, no matter where we go, no matter what happens, there will always be beauty for open eyes to behold. Let's all keep our eyes open. And our hopes high.

This is my photography, my art and my writing. Please do not copy without permission.