Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring has Sprung

here on the ranch. Pairs of birds, bickering like married people, are very busy stuffing nests into every nook and cranny they can find on this old house. I love to watch them. The girls hang around until the guys come back with twigs, twine and dog hair and carefully tuck it into the chosen space. Right away, the girls start raising a ruckus, pulling out this piece and that, scolding and scolding. The boys take off and try again. But there is always time for making up. Let's just say romance was clearly in the air yesterday and it seemed that nearly every tree had a pair of lovers.

Speaking of old married people and love being in the air, the husband continues to bring flowers. These are the most unusual roses I have ever seen. Creamy on the outside and Purple-Red inside. They are all dried out now but are still, and maybe even more, beautiful.

I never get tired of watching the quality of light change with the seasons. It's a daily magic show inside as well as outside.

Having always been partial to orange, Poppies are one of my favorite things about California. That color just knocks me out. Especially when they come up right beside their Lupine neighbors.

So, I have been regaling you with talk of Spring in order to not seem quite as excited as I am about...                                                          


Not in a million years did I ever think this would be me!

I was over the moon several months ago when I was included in my daughter's article, Three Generations of Art Journaling in the Stampington's Create With Me and now here I am in this issue of the beautiful Stampington Art Journaling magazine with my own article on Artful Upcycling. They do such a first class job with their publications, I am beyond proud to be included. I am also very humbled to be in here amongst so many very talented artists. Get a copy; it's full of inspiration and tips as well as being 143 pages of eye candy!

Here are a few pages from my current journal:

Discover "hidden poems." Pick out random words on a book page, the newspaper or for some real fun, use ad copy. It is quite amazing what is hiding in plain sight! 

Here's what I'm thinking.

Sometimes it just takes a little patience and a little watering for the promises to be kept, for the dreams to come true.

This little miracle happened literally overnight! Don't forget, it happens every day.