Monday, February 4, 2013

A Little This, A Little That


Dreams are lapses in memory
Tiny boats untethered
Floating aimlessly
Ropes brutally severed
Or gently slipped
 by lapping silken tides

Lm 1/12/2013

Nativity of a Poem

I read something
that reminds me of something
that leads me to recall 
something else
A forgotten feeling stirs
and a poem, bloody and bawling
Is pushed  into the world

Lm 1/12/2013

Speaking of dreams, while playing in my journal, just sort of drifting, this came out. I really don't know what it is about, especially the man holding the baby, but it feels familiar, maybe recalling my ice skating days in Ohio.


Examine the familiar words
And consider only the surface
Upon which they are written
Examine a long love 
And consider only the
Void in which it lingers


When your heart is broken
You swear revenge
You cry over commercials
You howl at the moon
You don't eat
You eat too much

When your heart is broken
You say you don't care
That you saw it coming
That you must be crazy
You are awake all night
You oversleep every morning

When your heart is broken
You are afraid it's your fault
You keep it a secret
Then you tell everyone
Even strangers
You scream in the car

When your heart is broken
You burn for an embrace
You scream "don't touch me"
You drop things and lose things
You say "Never again"
You cook and you clean

When your heart is broken
You write bad poetry.

lm 2/3/2013

False Hope

I heard, " what's happening between the two of us"
He said, "The restaurant where we are meeting, 
is half way between the two of us"



The rogue branch
so much higher, so much sturdier, 
so much shiner than the rest, 
crowned with a withering bud
sucked dry by minutiae, 
a beacon of unfulfilled promise.

I stretch, 
the heavy pruning shears 
shaking at the limits of my reach,
I loose my footing and fall, 
face first, into the thorny tangle 
of the embarrassed bush



You get it from dancing in the streets
The only cure is walking to school
in the snow, uphill both ways
But even if you recover
You will have scars deep within 
Awful keloids that grow and grow
Until eventually they impede vital functions 
It leaves you with a lingering malaise
That flares up when the weather changes
It's quite awful, really, and gets worse as you age
So if you get it don't come crying to me
You've been warned about dancing in the streets

Lm 1/27/2013

Here's what I'm thinking on this foggy night: If you hung in there and read all of this, you know what I'm thinking! Peace to all.

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