Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Once and Forever

Once upon a time, in a neighborhood of tiny Post-War bungalows, three little girls and one baby sister played together nearly every day and grew into best friends. Then high school, boy friends, weddings and relocations happened and they lost track of each other for over 30 years.

Say what you want about Facebook, but that was the magic that brought these baby-day friends back together to spend a wild and wonderful week at Myrtle Beach last year where four, lets just say "seasoned," women discovered they were still those same little girls and one baby sister and they still loved playing together all the day long. Email, snail mail and Facebook have kept them in touch and that special bond between people who knew each other when, has kept them in each others hearts.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling a bit blue and overwhelmed and that leaked out in my post. A few days ago, I opened my mail and found this amazing present from the baby sister who I always wished was mine. Thank you so much Little Joanie. I tear up a bit every time I look at this beautiful bit of love.

Here's what I'm thinking. Life is good. I am counting my blessings. What comes after a zillion?

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Healing Woman said...

Fantastic! I remember you telling about the " Girlfriends and baby sister" and how you were getting together. It's really an amazing story that you all found one another again and now can relive your glorious days as children. Not many people can boast about that!